Criminal Background Checks

How to go about it!

These days anyone can run background checks. Traditionally prospective employers and landlords would run a background check on prospective tenants and employees. These reports usually listed a person's past history of addresses, contact address, crimina recordl history and also civil judgments, bankruptices and liens.

In order for an employee or landlord to do a cirminal background check they need to ask you for a signed authorization with your information and addresses including date of birth and sometimes SSN or social security number. These inforamtion will help the bureaus providing background checks or employee screening to show accurate information available from public record data available on you. Many online companies provide background check services online which for a nominal fee they can provide an instant reports. However most accurate and comprehensive reports include research at county level. Many employee screening services or data aggregators need to hire researches who research the information at countly level organizations such as courts.

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What can I find in a criminal background check?

Most reports include the personal information about the person you're searching: the, name, middle, last if any maiden names or akas or aliases, usually the age, marriage and divorce records, thought these records are name based searches and not alway very accurate. Property ownership is another feature in most online background check, additionally you get neighbors information as well as household members, relatives and associated people with the person you're searching as well as people associated with their properties. Most importantly most background checks do a search for criminal records and if any found they list it. Criminal records will include case information, case number and parties to the lawsuit including some of their personal infomration. Case summaries, judgments and resolutions and attorney names are some of the other detailed information that might be included. All this information is dependent on each county, state or jurisdiction's laws and capabilities and what is available publicly.