Death Record Searches

What are Death Certificates?

Death certificates are legal documents that officially certify death of a person and include important information such as location of death, city, state, date of death, relatives, cause of death listing illnesses, date of birth and other personal information. They necessary if it is for a death of close relative and you need to take care of paperwork and inheritance. Otherwise it is useful for doing family tree research, finding lost relatives or relations. It is also useful when doing investigation about fraud or foul play. In most cases death certificates can be obtained by following procedure and are considered public domain. However in some states this might not be true and they are only available to immediate family.


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Are there are sources for death records search?

There are many death indexes and resources for research. Social Security database for one is a good source though not always up to date and you can only find out if someone has passed away. There are many private and public services which can provide you data from public records. Most online background checks usually cover death records if the person is deceased. Obituaries or newspaper articles are another source for researching death and pertinent information.